Our take on traditional Music We are making our own new traditions ”


Northern Borne’s Story: 

Originating in the Adirondack Mountains and currently hailing from Washington County, N.Y. Northern Borne is a duo comprised of Sarah Babushkin (guitar, lead vocals) and John Wensley (Banjo, Dobro). Northern Borne is an eclectic mix of bluegrass and folk with a hint of jam band and blues thrown in for an old-timey groove sound. Originals are derived from local experiences and often have a storytelling feel, while classic songs take an edgy twist. Sarah’s soulful voice and hard pounding rhythm playing mixed with John’s sometimes melodic, sometimes bluesy, sometimes Bluegrass banjo style makes this duo’s sound both unique and intriguing. Their music can drive down the track like a train or take you on a trip back in time. 

Northern Borne has grown into a dynamic 6 piece unit as well and can now offer many variations of our band from the duo up the exciting 5 piece that will rock the night away.

If you like new-fogey folk originals like "Hollow Wings," and " Dessert Hideway"get out to see Northern Borne featuring John Wensley and Sarah Babushkin! ”

— Dorn Space Theater

A little bit of Old Timey, a little bit of Bluegrass, with a touch of the Band. Northern Borne.”

— Argyle Brewing Company